Tracy’s Dog Sex Stool Multifunction Weightless Adjustable Sex Chair Position Aid Bounced Sex Toys Furniture for Women Couples

October 4, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

I don’t know how long it will last… but wow. This stool is really great for sex. My wife loves it. It holds her up pretty well… she’s about 175 lbs. She likes the way that it makes all of her really accessible to me, and also allows her to ride me with very little strain of holding herself up. It is so good that she told all of her online friends about it, and they have ordered them too. I don’t know how long the straps will last… but will probably just buy another one when/if it breaks. It’s that good.

Anonymous says:

Right there If you want a product that can spice up the bedroom and help you stay comfortable longer,this stool may be your perfect match.It helps prevent any discomfort and relieves pressure off of some areas of the body so you can enjoy your passion.You can go deeper and get more of a thrill for longer.

Anonymous says:

Pleasurable positions and much more! This was,by far,a fantastic experience!We enjoyed every aspect of the stool,and both of us sat on it or leaned against it for various positions.

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