10 Parameter Urinalysis Test Strips 150ct – Made in USA – Urinary Tract Infection Strips (UTI) Urine Test Strips Test Glucose, Ketone, pH, Protein & More – For Diabetes, Gallbladder & Kidney Problems

December 2, 2018 - Comment

Do you want an easy way to monitor your health? In today’s modern world it’s hard to stay healthy, do everything we need to do and just enjoy our lives. There are so many things to do and just not enough time to do it in. But staying on top of your health by monitoring

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Do you want an easy way to monitor your health?

In today’s modern world it’s hard to stay healthy, do everything we need to do and just enjoy our lives. There are so many things to do and just not enough time to do it in. But staying on top of your health by monitoring your urine regularly can save you time and even catch health issues before they become a problem. Further if you are diabetic, prone to kidney or gallbladder problems, or UTIs or have other health concerns, it’s imperative you monitor your health on a regular basis.

Take the guesswork out of testing

HealthyWiser 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Test Strips are high-quality, professional grade test strips that give you reliable results. Our strips won’t bleed or change color after testing and you get fast, clear results-whether visually or instrumentally. To use, hold the test strip pad in your urine stream for 1-2 seconds and then wait 1-2 minutes for the results. Simply compare the colors on your strip to the chart provided for your results. Our strips measure ten different components of urine: Bilirubin, Blood, Glucose, Ketone, Leukocytes, Nitrite, pH, Protein, Specific Gravity & Urobilinogen. Use our test strips to check for:

✔ Urinary tract infection

✔ Kidney function

✔ Ketones and carbohydrate metabolism

✔ Liver function

✔ Infection

✔ Glucose

✔ pH levels and more

HealthyWiser cares about your health. That’s why our 10 parameter urinalysis test strips are carefully tested, labeled, and accurately matched to our color code chart for easy visible results. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with our strips, simply return them within 90 days for a full refund. Period.

So stay on top of your health. Scroll up to click on the Add to Cart button to have your HealthyWiser 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Test Strips shipped today.

Product Features

  • 💜HealthyWiser Urinalysis Reagent Strips comes with 10 parameters allowing you to check your urine for Glucose, Protein pH, Leukocytes, Nitrites, Ketones, Bilirubin, Blood, Urobilinogen & Specific Gravity.
  • 💜No color change after testing and no color spread between pH and specific gravity
  • 💜Fast visual or instrumental results.
  • 💜No interference in protein by alkali urine
  • 💜High-quality reagents and paper; Resists humidity; Long shelf life (24 months); CE & FDA Approved


Anonymous says:

So far so good… **03/11/17 Update– I changed my review to 5 stars bc I had my Dr do a urine culture and she gave me a copy of my initial printout. I did a test at home with these strips to compare and the results of the 2 tests match up. The info on her printout is not in the same order as the test strip’s, but as you can see in my 3rd photo, my strip (right next to the Dr’s printout) gave the same results.**I have frequent bladder infections that don’t give me symptoms until they get really bad. I travel a lot and I’m always afraid I’ll be caught off guard by one. I was curious if I could catch them earlier by testing at home. I also have an elderly cat with kidney disease and I want to monitor her health.I can’t guarantee the accuracy of these strips per se, but I can say that I read reviews that other brands’ strips were giving false positives with tap water. I followed the instructions and used the results guide on the bottle. I tested 2 strips each in bottled water, tap…

Anonymous says:

Great Tool To Keep Tabs On My Diabetes and Health! This is one of the best home tools you can buy for your health. I wanted it just to check to see if I had a UTI and to monitor my diabetics. This will be used for so much more than that.As we all know health care is getting quite expensive. Our co-pay is $25.00 per visit. We have 3 living in our home and my 21 year old is also on our policy. So going to the Dr. is starting to add up.I will be using this as a TOOL (not definite) to make sure that something is going on with any of us before we head out the door to the Dr.’s office. I don’t know about you but $25.00 is a lot of money in our home.This kit contains the bottle with 150 strips and a leaflet that tells you how to use them and what a Non-Negative result could be. It is Very Important that once you take the test strip out, that you seal the bottle immediately. (The care directions are on the instructions.)It is also important that the strips are used by the expiration date. (I…

Anonymous says:

Perfect for Everyone! Wonderful For Pregnant Woman. Having these urine test strips at home allow you to know what’s going on in your body and prevent all problems early. I actually started using urine test strips during my pregnancy with both of my children. By doing so I was able to quickly notice when I was showing protein or getting dehydrated. Both of these things can cause serious problems, though easily corrected when caught early. These are nice to have at home, if you suspect a UTI too. Oh and you can defiantly use them on your Pets, Kids (Like I do to prevent those extra runs to the Vets/Doctors Office)And the perfect time to test is in the morning.

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