ZENNO Basal Thermometer – Soft Tip Thermometer for Ovulation – High Accuracy 1/100th Degree Digital Medical Thermometer – Waterproof and Reliable Fertility Thermometer for Natural Family Planning

October 22, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Great Bought this to use as my daughters first day of school sign instead of the chalkboard and I love it. Great quality and can use it for more than just for the first day of school! My only complaint is that after awhile cutting started hurting my fingers but everything else is great.

Anonymous says:

It’s a lot of fun! The felt board works exactly as advertised. The set of characters that were provided with it are numerous enough that you can put almost anything on the board. Clipping the characters off of the plastic frame they come on is a bit of a frustrating task, and the clipping tool that came in the package didn’t really seem up to the task when I used it, but once the characters are clipped they are easy to insert onto the board, and each is easy to read. I can’t fault the product for the difficulty…

Anonymous says:

Great message board The board and it letters work every well. Help me in creating signs to identify projects and events. The support stand and the scissor to cut out the letters were a welcome add on. But I decided to bag all the letters in they own bags then use the cloth bag it came with.

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